Pinup Makeover & Photoshoot Experience

Pinup Makeover & Photoshoot Experience

A pinup makeover & photoshoot experience with the Pinup Academy is a “start to finish” experience with October Divine.

By the time you step in front of her camera you’ll have spent around 2 hours together chatting while she does your make-up and hair.

Ladies visiting the Pinup Academy are guaranteed the privacy of an all female experience, unless of course you bring your own man.

So, our aim is simply to put you at ease, creating a fun, relaxed environment where you can feel good and look amazing, all while we create images you’ll look back on fondly for many years to come.

So, what makes a Pinup Academy makeover & photoshoot experience different?

  • When you arrive for your makeover you’re met and welcomed by October Divine.
  • You get to know October over a cuppa, whilst you have a look around the studio.
  • You discuss through any styling ideas, themes, likes and dislikes with October.
  • October is our fully qualified make-up artist and vintage hair stylist, so you continue to get to know each other while she works her magic.
  • October’s there to give advice and guidance on what to wear and styling, if required.
  • Then you enter our themed studio sets with October who’s there to direct and help you with posing as she takes your photos.

Vintage Themed Studio Sets

We created our first vintage themed studio sets back in 2013, with the aim of helping ladies attending their first vintage makeover & photoshoot experience to relax, it’s a lot easier than standing in front of a blank screen and being asked to imagine and pose.

Little did we know 7 years later our vintage themed studio sets would be such a hit with professional models, magazine publications and clothing companies across the globe, who knew? That’s in addition to the hundreds of ladies who have entrusted us with their first makeover & photoshoot.

1950s pinup makeover & photoshoot experience in vintage kitchen

What makes the Pinup Academy the UK’s number one choice for ladies looking for an authentic, traditional pinup makeover & photoshoot experience?

“We believe it’s the way we make YOU look and feel!”

Bringing out the best version of you… Picture yourself looking your best, oozing confidence, you feel fabulous and you look amazing!

This is the look and feel we aim to create when you attend a pinup makeover and photoshoot experience at the pinup academy.

“We know how YOU feel is just as important as how YOU look!”

When you feel good, you look good, whereas, if you feel tense and uncomfortable you’ll look at your photos and remember how you felt, to you you’ll look awkward simply because you felt awkward.

Nobody knows this feeling better than October Divine, recognised as one of the UK’s top professional pinup models and internationally published pinup photographer, October has spent literally thousands of hours both sides of the camera.

October has carved out an impressive modelling career and worked with numerous photographers, from amateurs to professionals. Yet she can look at a photo many years later and instantly recall the day of the photoshoot and the way she felt.

This is a significant part of what makes your makeover & photoshoot a pleasurable experience and yet it is often overlooked.

The connection between you and your photographer is key to making you feel at ease, we appreciate not everyone can jump straight in front of a camera in their lingerie, and creating a professional, friendly, relaxed feeling can take time.

    When setting up her pinup makeover & photoshoot experiences October wanted to create a unique experience, this is one of the main reasons why October remains with you from start to finish, a fully qualified make-up artist, vintage hairstylist and photographer, she does it all. By the time October’s finished your hair & make-up you can visibly see and feel your confidence rising.

    October recalls often having a great time on professional photoshoots, chatting with the make-up artists and hairstylists, which can easily take an hour or two, only then to be introduced to the photographer who’s often keen to get started, perform a quick lighting check and then snap away! This is where a professional model’s job is to get in to character; we’re there to do a job. However, this is not the experience we want you to endure when you come to the Pinup Academy.

    We want you to feel totally relaxed and at ease, as you enjoy the moment and have a great day!

    On your day October welcomes you to her purpose-built studio, adjacent to her home and while she works her magic on your make-up and hair, she’s getting to know you. This is the time to tell her what you like, what you fear and any body part you’re a little conscious of, and yes, we all have them, including October, so there’s no need to be shy.

    October advises her clients to bring their own clothes and lingerie for their photoshoot, as this is the ONLY way you can guarantee you’re wearing something you love that fits you perfectly, however, we also have an extensive wardrobe collection which you are welcome to use and October is happy to help you choose, if needed.

    Now for the best bit, our traditional vintage studio sets, designed with you in mind, they look great and literally transport you back in time, making you feel right at home. You don’t have to pretend to stand in a 1950s kitchen, when you’re stood in one!

    Pinup Gift Vouchers

    Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect gift… a pinup makeover & photoshoot experience with the Pinup Academy.

    Can’t decide on a date… then send them one of our Gift Vouchers for a makeover package of your choice or alternatively send them a voucher for any amount to put towards their makeover & photoshoot experience.

    pinup makeover & photoshoot gift voucher
    pinup makeover & photoshoot experience

    Your Pinup Makeover & Photoshoot Experience

    Calling on many years experience, both in front of and behind the camera October shows you how to achieve that perfect pose ensuring you look and feel your best.

    Lighting, angles and positioning all play a major part in creating a great photo and October’s there to show you how to get the best results.

    Our aim is for you to leave us having experienced a great day, being pampered, feeling confident and looking amazing.

    p.s. most of our ladies make the most of their make-up and hair by arranging to go out afterwards 🙂 Can you believe some companies make you remove your eyelashes & make-up before leaving? We definitely don’t, we want you to go out and rock that look!

    What happens after your photoshoot?

    October goes through your photos picking out the best ones, ready for her to edit, which she does to the exact same high quality standards used on our professional models & publication images.

    We don’t have different standards, just high standards!

    Depending on your package you then get to select a number of edits from your edited collection. You can also purchase additional edits from the remaining edits or select further images from the un-edited proofs for October to edit.

    Once edited your selected images will be delivered to you electronically, in both high resolution (print ready) and low resolution (web ready) formats for you to use as you please, without any restrictions, so enjoy.

    Visit our dedicated website, where you can check our availability 13 months in advance and book your makeover & photoshoot experience online.

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