Vintage Studio Sets

Welcome to the Pinup Academy’s photography studio, created in 2013 as the UK’s first photography studio specialising in vintage themed pinup studio sets.

Designed and created by October Divine our vintage studio sets provide the perfect environment for ladies attending their first makeover & photoshoot experience… It’s a lot easier to imagine you’re posing in a vintage roll top bath when you’re actually in one.

For That Authentic Look & Feel

We aim for the ultimate balance between replacing and refreshing our studio sets, as we have no interest in recreating the same images again and again, but we appreciate our clients want the opportunity to be photographed in a particular set. Thankfully with the help of numerous vintage props and October’s keen eye and design skills every photoshoot is different. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Loved by makeover clients and models alike our vintage themed photo studios provide a variety of backdrops for the perfect photoshoot experience.

The Pinup Academy has built up an impressive selection of traditional vintage furniture and props to create the perfect photoshoot environment.

Carefully mixing and matching furniture with complimentary props within different studio sets makes all the difference.

Choose your sets and select your favourite furniture and props or leave it all to October, the choice is yours!